• Construction of machines and systems for the automation of industrial processes.
  • Implementation of automated systems for production and integrated handling.
  • Implementation of mechanical and electrical systems according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Implementation of artificial vision systems for the control of production and quality.


  • Design and optimisation of production and quality processes.
  • Design and implementation of highly automated systems.
  • Design of mechanical and electrical equipment according to the customer’s specification.


  • Engineering analysis of equipment and machines to detect critical anomalies and suggest the necessary maintenance plans.
  • Planning activities of scheduled and preventive maintenance.
  • Carrying out of the maintenance plans on site.
  • Specific activities of extraordinary maintenance.


  • Development of supervisory and data recording systems for production and quality processes.
    Customised R&D upon customer’s request.
  • “EC” certification and alignment.
  • Conversion of machines and equipment, in order to meet new production and quality requirements.
  • Certification and recertification of machines and equipment in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Upgrade of machines and equipment in the aim of improving the production and quality efficiency as well as increasing and adjusting the safety standards.

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